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Thanksgiving Proposal

November 27, 2019


Thanksgiving Proposal

Thinking about proposing during the holidays? 


Thanksgiving Proposal!  The most popular time to propose is between Thanksgiving and New Year's Eve, during festivities and family gatherings.  Holidays are the perfect time to let your significant other knows just how much she means to you. What better way to express how thankful you are than proposing?


How to pop the question?


How to plan your perfect Holiday Proposal?


In case you’re thinking about getting down on one knee this Holiday Season, here are some proposal ideas:


Will you marry me in her morning coffee cup


Start the day off in the best way possible!


Coffee darling? This is a great way to propose, just have to be patient until she finishes her cup of coffee and sees the message on the bottom of the mug. Wow, is this great or what? This will be an awesome way to start a Thanksgiving or Christmas day!


Dog Proposal


She doesn't drink coffee in the morning, not a problem we have more ideas below. How about using her favorite pet? How sweet is this dog holding a sign, sitting by the bed as she is waking up, or walking in the kitchen as she is cooking the meal? you can't go wrong with a man's best friend!!


Apple Picking Proposal
Apple Picking
Pumpkin wedding proposal
Pumpkin Picking


Pumpkin Spice wedding proposal idea? let's visit the pumpkin patch or go apple picking with the family. get her to pick a pumpkin or an apple with the ring on the stem. Get that camera ready when she sees the ring, it will be precious!




Holiday Proposal in BIG Letters?


Let's go for a nature walk! Almost everyone likes to take a walk if the weather is nice. What a surprise when she turns around the corner and sees the words spelled out in snow, sand, or written with flower petals in the field. Have a friend or family member stand by with a camera to capture the excitement.



Thanksgiving Parade Proposal! Every city has a Thanksgiving Day Parade, think about it popping the question will sweep someone off their feet on the parade route! Depending on the size of your town and its rules, you may be able to surprise your partner with a very special parade float, a sign, or just stop traffic for a few minutes and go for it.


Will you marry me balloons


Holiday proposal Balloon Delivery! You can have a cute bunch of balloons delivered to the house, get down on your knee behind her as she turns around, and pop the question! You can also bring the balloons yourself or place them behind her chair at the dinner table.


Will you marry me Football fan proposal


Will you be watching football together? A football Jersey with your message printed on it will be a great way to pop the question and a great keepsake. Let her know how much you want her on your team!






You can never go wrong with flowers! Bring a bouquet of flowers to dinner and plant the ring inside one of the roses. Capture the excitement as she discovers the ring.


Will you Marry Me
Engagement ring in a champagne glass


Champagne glass? A proposal with a diamond ring in a champagne glass is an oldie but always romantic. Use a regular or personalized Champagne or even wine glass depending on what is served at the time and have a toast. She will be surprised when she picks up her glass and see the writing and/or the ring.


pumpkin centerpiece


Thanksgiving decoration proposal! You can alter the decor on Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner so many different ways to ask the question. Looking for ideas? Check out so many cool ideas on Pinterest and make it fun and tasteful.


Avacado proposal
  • will-you-marry-me-ring in a fortune cookie


How about showing up to her house with her favorite food and a hidden ring or message? Sure, there are traditional Thanksgiving or Christmas meals but you can always make someone happy by bringing them their favorite. Just a little something extra to add to the festivity!


Turkey proposal


The holidays are a time meant to be spent with family.


Everyone knows the best part of Thanksgiving is the family dinner! If your family is the type who goes around the table sharing what everyone is thankful for, then this is a great opportunity for you to pop the question. When is your turn, take a moment to let her know why you are thankful for her being in your life, and then get down on one knee to propose".… will you marry me?


ring on a wish bone


Wishbone proposal? Add in your proposal when you two break the wishbone. You can say, “There’s only one thing I wish for and that’s for you to be my wife” or “I’m not sure what you wished for, but I like to make one of your wishes come true right now…” and then propose.


Hide it in the pie


When dessert comes with an unexpected sparkling garnish!





Dessert Anyone? It worked out amazingly for this lucky couple!


Favorite Dessert Proposal! How about a hidden message or ring in her favorite dessert? Not sure how? Just ask your friendly neighborhood baker to incorporate your idea into her favorite dessert.


marry me ring in s'more campfire treat


You can always have Fire and S'mores after the meal! This is a cute idea for a proposal!


propose during a game after dinner


How about a family game after dinner? Pick a game that will allow you to add in the surprise and get the family involved, games are always fun!






Does she like to read or play boardgame? Why not bring a gift to dinner? A book or a game will be a great gift to hide a ring in.


Late night Pizza proposal


Latenight comfort food! You can always turn to late-night comfort food after a long night and some drinks. Let the restaurant know of your plan and have them deliver the message before you end the night.


Check back with us within the next week to see more ideas around Christmas Proposals.




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