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15 Best Wedding Favor Ideas Of 2021

March 08, 2021




Are you searching for creative and memorable wedding favor ideas for your guests?

After all, showing gratitude can never go out of style. And there is no better way to do that than handing out creative and meaningful wedding favors to the guests. 

Personalized candles, custom koozies, engraved coasters…when it comes to wedding favor ideas, we have all been there and done that. Giving out favors at your wedding reception is indeed a lovely gesture; however, finding favors that (i) wouldn’t end up hoarding dust after the event and (ii) don’t break your budget can often be difficult.

After all the effort and time you’ve put into the most special day of your life, finding the most meaningful best wedding favor ought to be stress-free and straightforward. As you select the wedding favor, make sure to consider what’s trending for the year 2021.

That being said, remain practical and choose a wedding favor that’s momentous. You would want your wedding memories to stay with the guests even long after the special day ends. So, choose a wedding favor that can be the perfect reminder of your life’s most special day. 

Keeping that in mind, we have brought fifteen creative and memorable wedding favor ideas that will impress your guests for sure!

Say goodbye to dull and monotonous wedding favors that typically get left behind.

Here are our fifteen favorite wedding favor ideas that will certainly woo your guests.


#1: Bespoke Face Masks

We just had to add this to our list of best wedding favors for 2021 – it just makes so much sense! With the pandemic raging around us, face masks have become a wedding norm nowadays. So why not make them fun and cute? We highly highly recommend you to give out washable and reusable face masks to your guests as a wedding favor. Not only will the guests be able to use it after the reception, but if you distribute them at the beginning of the event, it can keep everyone safe, too.

Wondering where you can get bespoke face masks? Contact Angel Rivera Bridal Atelier for a stunning mask that matches your dress!

#2: Garden Seed Packets

Garden seed packets are a benevolent wedding favor that keeps on giving. They are exceptionally fitting if you are a nature-enthusiast couple or having a wedding outdoors at a farm or garden venue. According to us, the best seeds to choose should be the ones that are easy-to-grow and flourish both outdoors and indoors. Few great options for garden seed packets include basil, lavender, mint, lemongrass, and chives.

#3: Leather Bottle Opener

Give your wedding favors a rustic feel with a customized leather bottle opener. Believe us; your guests will love how practical and useful your wedding favor is. In addition to that, you can even personalize the leather on the bottle opener by embossing it with your names, the wedding date, and the venue to commemorate the most special day of your life!

#4: Personalized Chocolate 

This wedding favor idea may be a bit old, but it never ceases to impress and make your guests happy. You can get your names and the wedding date carved on smooth and delicious pieces of chocolate. Maybe get it molded into a heart shape even to present romantic feels! Give all attendants a memorable wedding memento with your very own chocolate hearts.

#5: Custom Tea Towels

These are certainly a few of the best bewildering wedding favor ideas we have come across. If you are meticulous about your kitchen decor, you must know the difference between everyday towels that are used for wiping the counter or cleaning up spills versus the ornamental tea towels that are purely decorative.

Either way, tea towels can be used as lovely wedding favors, particularly if you or the majority of your wedding attending enjoy cooking. You can even get the towels personalized by having a professional calligrapher adorn them with your names, the wedding date, a romantic quote, or whatever you feel the guests would want to flaunt in their own homes. 

#6: Tiny Assorted Doughnuts 




The humble doughnuts are always a crowd pleaser! But you can take the game to the next level by handing out a box of tiny assorted doughnuts. Experiment with new and old flavors – do not stick with typical glazed or chocolate; go for something new; maybe Lotus-filled doughnuts? Doughnuts with mixed-berry jam? Frankly, the sky is the limit! Go crazy with your imagination and give your guests a wedding favor they’ll never forget and crave long after the wedding is over. 

If you are looking for somebody that can make these scrumptious doughnuts for you, don’t look far! Matt and Renato of BAKED can make your wish come true.

Click here for a consultation appointment. 

#7: Cocktail Shakers

Similar to the mini champagne bottles, this wedding favor will surely remind guests of your special day whenever they are whipping up a cocktail at home. A classic stainless-steel cocktail shaker as a wedding favor is something they will use for long after the wedding festivities end. 

#8: Miniature Cocktail Kits

This wedding favor idea is especially for crowds that love to party! Hand out fun and cute miniature cocktail kits to your guests as a wedding favor. Moreover, you can customize them to pair with your signature drink or even incorporate your favorite locally made spirits. Miniature cocktail kits are also a great addition to a wedding welcome bag in case you have guests attending the wedding from other parts of the country. 

#9: Mini Champagne Bottles

To ensure the celebration keeps on going even after the reception ends, bid farewell to the wedding guests with these super cute and tiny champagne bottles. Pick your favorite bubbly brand or for extra personalization, add custom labels. Moreover, for this wedding favor, you can even utilize mini bottles of beers, juice, wine, or even cold brew coffee!

Contact Signature Events today to get the wedding favors of your dreams to come true! 

#10: Hand Sanitizer Bottles

This is yet another trending wedding favor idea of 2021. Ensure everybody is safe during the wedding festivities by handing out individual hand sanitizers. This wedding favor is something that all your wedding guests will definitely utilize. Moreover, to give it a personalized touch, decorate the bottles with cute designs, your initials, the wedding date, labels, and even scents.

#11: Personalized Blankets

If you are planning the wedding towards the end of the year, you might want to consider this wedding favor idea. Keep your guests cozy in the chilly weather by handing out personalized fleece blankets. Get your initials, wedding date, or monogram printed on the blanket to make it a memorable memento. Long after the wedding is over, all your guests will surely be reminded of your wedding day whenever they curl up with this wedding favor. 

Let Pearls of Harmony make sure that every detail in your personalized wedding favor is taken care of. 

#12: Handmade Artisanal Soaps

Handmade soaps are one of our most-favorite wedding favors if you are planning to get married during the summer or outdoors. You can either make your own soaps using scented oils and wax or purchase them from a local business. In case you decide to make your own, just make sure you use all-natural ingredients to produce 100% safe and allergy-friendly soaps.

#13: Small Succulents

This is a brilliant wedding favor idea if you are a nature-enthusiast or having an outdoor wedding in a garden or farm. Simply pot tiny succulent plants in small ceramic containers with the wedding date and your initials printed on them. Hand out to guests when they are leaving. These low-maintenance plants can be used as a centerpiece, a place card holder, or whatever you wish, to be honest. Your guests will surely love taking these pretty succulent plants back home with them after the wedding.



#14: Hot Cocoa Mix

This wedding favor idea is something that your guests of all ages will thoroughly enjoy and love: pack hot cocoa mix powder and few marshmallows in a tiny glass bottle for a super-cute personalized touch.

#15: Infused Olive Oil

Couples who love food will surely like what is next on our wedding favor ideas list. Treat the wedding guests to bottles of decadent-infused olive oil that can be used whenever they are cooking at home. You can even attach a note with your favorite tips or recipes regarding how to best use the olive oil dressing. This is a brilliant wedding favor idea if you are planning to get married at a pastoral venue, like a vineyard or farm. 

Reach out to The Ultimate Caterer in New Jersey and get a delicious infused olive oil wedding favor prepared for the big day!

There you have it – our top fifteen wedding favor ideas that are bound to impress your guests and keep them talking about your special day long after it’s over. For more wedding tips and tricks, head to our blog section!


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