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2019 Hot Wedding Trends

September 02, 2019


Here are some of the hottest trends in wedding, which one is your favorite?


Wedding Trends of 2019!! Every year brides and grooms look for new and unique ideas to add in their wedding ceremony or reception.  Sometimes it’s just alterations to what is already existing and at times it could be something totally new and exciting.  These latest wedding trends, ideas, and themes will be a major source of inspiration to engaged couples planning their own big days.  We thought of bringing you the hottest and latest trends in the wedding world.


Man’s Best Friend-The Poochie


including your favorite pets in your ceremony


Create memories of a lifetime with your best friend


Dog with I loved her first sign


 it's a picture-perfect wedding moment


“Man’s best friend a part of the family” has gone to a new depth in 2019. Dogs are family and more & more couples like to involve them in the big day celebration.  How would you involve your pooch?  Yes, your pooch can be part of your big day.  Dogs can take many different roles, ring bearer, flower dog, guest of honor, walk down the aisle with bride, groom or bridal party.   Couples are using some creativity and making their fury baby a wonderful part of their ceremony.




   There are many reasons you may not be able to include your furry friend, the venue may not allow it, the pet may not be well trained, or a family member might have allergies.  Whatever the circumstances, there are alternatives.  Incorporate pictures of the pets in your ceremony, have their figurine on cake top, make personalized items with their picture on it, make cookies in shape of dog or cat as favors or part of your dessert table, use cuff links for groom and groom’s men, add a small charm in their shape to your flower, use their picture to make your table numbers, or have an ice sculpture in the shape of your pet.  There are lots to consider before bringing your doggy however with a little creativity you can create memories of a lifetime with your best friend.


Renting Therapy Llama and Alpaca


Therapy Lama and alpaca at your wedding


Four-legged wedding crashers


Therapy Lama and alpaca for your party


llamas and Alpacas! Sure, you can invite them to your wedding, wedding Lamas are real things!   It all started in 2007 and has gone viral ever since. Thanks to Mountain Peak nonprofit organization started by Gregory Mother and daughter team.  These cute Therapy partners stilling the show at weddings these days more than ever.  Llamas are social animals and symbols of strength, perseverance, communication, confidence and often success.  Renting fully trained fashionable llama/alpaca pair will keep your guests entertained.  Some say, In 2019 no wedding is truly complete without a wedding llama.  They are available for rental at about $300 for the pair depending on location.  The good news is that Lamas are quiet, peaceful animals that get along with other animals so no worries your pet can still attend the same wedding.


Rustic & Outdoor Weddings


Crystal springs resort aerial shot
Crystal springs resort Wedding Venues


Outdoor weddings have never been more popular!


Florentine Gardens wedding venue NJ by 360sitevisit.com
Florentine Gardens wedding venue


Mingle with nature for a cozy intimate affair!


Outdoor spaces are more popular than ever for any kind of event particularly wedding ceremonies!  Many couples are no longer into formal ballroom weddings, instead, they turn towards rustic themes and outdoor wedding venues.  The possibilities are endless when it comes to outdoor wedding Venues and decors.  Breath-taking mountain backdrops, scenic views, rolling hills, sparkling lakes, Towering Trees and so much more.  Every moment will be unforgettable for you and your loved ones. 


DIY Decorations


DIY wine-barrels-wedding-decor


Romantic, Chic and Inexpensive




DIY Ideas & Inspiration! It is amazing to see so many fallen heads over heels for dreamy DIY wedding ideas.  Many couples are no longer into formal and modern weddings, instead, they turn towards rustic and country wedding themes.  The possibilities are endless when it comes to decorating your wedding Venue. Compliment your wedding venue weather is barn wedding, Farm wedding, Vinyard wedding and make it as elegant and dreamy as you like with simple DIY ideas and more. 


Floating & Elevated Centerpieces



Things are looking up!



Look out traditional floral arrangements!  Suspended centerpieces add a special kind of magic to your table décor.  These fabulous creations are getting more and more popular.  Just head over to Pinterest and explore trending wedding ideas.  No more complaints about not being able to see your friend across the table & you don’t have to worry about guests moving the decoration so they can converse with others at the table. No matter what you pick you can't go wrong with flower & candle combination for any event decor!


Dessert Trucks


Food Truck for your wedding venue


Super Popular Wedding Catering Trend!


Desert truck for your venue


Whether it's to cater for an entire wedding reception, for a tasty late-night snack or day-after munchies, festival-style Wedding Food Trucks are a hot ticket item right now. From pizza & finger food to icecream & tasty desserts, the food truck phenomenon is taking over at weddings in a big way. Believe or not Food Trucks are the next big trend in weddings.  A great way to make late-night treats more fun.  Let them drool over your desert truck!  Your guests will surely ask for second helpings!


Purple Wedding, HOT HOT HOT!


Valley Regency Wedding Venue


Purple party decoration


From bouquets to bridesmaids dresses, centerpieces to cakes, When it comes to decoration and colors, shades of purple are taking over all others.  Choosing purple as your wedding color will create a mood of individuality, mystery, and fantasy. Lavender and shades of purples are beginning to replace classic blush colors.  Purple is a very versatile color and it can be as light or dramatic as you like it to be.  With so many different shades you can use purple in all seasons and wedding styles. GO PURPLE!


Mismatched Bridesmaids




Leave traditional behind & put a unique twist on your bridal style!


Bridesmaids floral sundresses for summer wedding


Bridesmaid dresses should be flattering, pop in pictures and compliment the wedding palette but it does not have to cost a fortune or be alike.  Don’t be afraid to give your girls some ground rules like dress length or colors and allow them to play around with what works best for their body and your wedding style.  More and more brides are asking the bridesmaid to find a dress they like and one that compliments their body.  No more long uniform bridesmaid dresses, 2019 is all about mismatched dresses, sundresses, short dresses even white dresses!  Bridesmaids dresses do not have to cost a lot and be used only once.  Pick a dress that suits you, something you can slightly alter or use as-is on other occasions.  Find something FUN, CUTE & AFFORDABLE!


Lounge Furniture


The perfect vintage lounge area for rustic wedding


Create a unique look!




A lounge area is a great place to unwind after dancing and a place to mingle.  The use of lounge furniture around the dance floor and outside reception area is on the rise.  Couples are creating an inviting, comfortable environment for their guests instead of having them stand around the bar area. Whether you're using outdoor or indoor furniture, it will add a luxurious feeling to your event.


Succulent Plants, Cactus & Herbs


Succulent plants, herbs, cactus wedding favors


Be The First To Give Creative Wedding Souvenirs! 


Instead of traditional flowers for decoration and personalized favors, more couples are turning to herbs and succulent plants.  Succulents are a great floral choice for any wedding. They are durable and won't wilt if they don't get water for a few days which means you can make arrangements ahead of time. They are also very popular right now which makes them a great wedding favor for guests. Awesome wedding favors and beautiful! 


Beautiful wedding cake set up



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