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How To Pick The Right Bridesmaids For Your Wedding?

August 29, 2023


The bridesmaids for the wedding will play an essential role in shopping for bridesmaid attire, planning the ravishing bachelorette party, and so on. When choosing the bridesmaid for the wedding, problems may arise when the bride has a long list of close friends. She has to narrow down her list according to the theme of the wedding venue. Read the blog to know more about it.


1. Consider Your Relationship With That Person

The first and foremost thing when you select the bridesmaid is to consider your relationship with her. What kind of bond do you share with her? Does she understand your feelings? Will she be able to manage you if you will panic before the wedding? If you find the right answers to this question, send the proposal to the bridesmaid.


2. Number Of Bridesmaid According To The Wedding Party

The general rule of thumb for choosing the number of bridesmaids is considering the wedding event. The larger the event, the couple can have several bridesmaids. The number can be two to six wedding attendants in smaller weddings, while talking about larger weddings, the bridesmaids can be eight to twelve.


3. Check If They Are Ready To Take The Responsibility

If your dearest friend is eligible to cooperate in making the final decisions, she can be your bridesmaid. She can manage your guests, attire, wedding venue, go for every minute wedding shopping, etc. Moreover, bridesmaids have to show up on time for all the events.


4. Consider If Bridesmaid Matches With Your Wedding Theme

Every couple dreams of having a wedding based on themes. For your convenience, you can select the matron of honor according to your wedding theme. The personalities, styles, attitudes, and other things should match the vibe of your wedding. Moreover, it can be influenced by factors such as the venue's location, architecture, decor, and even the season of the year.


5. Balancing Personalities

The bridesmaids for weddings must bring different traits, strengths, and perspectives to the group. Additionally, they should be creative thinkers and problem solvers to counter the problems that might arise before or during the event. You can include different bridesmaids' personalities like extroverts, introverts, organized individuals, creative thinkers, calm personalities, and energetic spirits and make a group. A well-balanced group can adapt to various tasks and roles, making the planning process smoother and more enjoyable.


6. You Can Choose A Bridesmaid Among Your Siblings

Siblings are always close to our hearts, no matter how much you pull their hair and have endless fights. They should have a full-blown honor if they are around your age. There is no doubt to the fact that their presence can bring a sense of familiarity, comfort, and emotional support. In fact, they can help you in a better way while making a decision about the seating arrangements, guest list, etc.


7. Don't Forget To Consider About Logistics

The bridesmaids should dedicate themselves to your wedding. They should be a part of your pre-wedding events, rehearsals, and venue-related preparations. Moreover, they should be punctual to meet all the venue's requirements. The bride can rely on the bridesmaids for various tasks and share confidential information.


8. Communicating Expectations

Once you select the perfect bridesmaids for a wedding, don't hesitate to explain their roles. Since they are close to you, you should communicate transparently with them. You both can make a checklist and ask them to fulfill their responsibilities effectively. The checklist might include the gifts for the guests, sorting out the seating arrangement, finalizing the venue, etc.


9. Think About Post-Wedding Support

The role of bridesmaids has to be continued after the wedding. They have to continue to play it after the weddings. The post-wedding duties can be returning rental items, managing gifts, or providing emotional support as you transition into married life. See if they can help you with the vendor payments, etc.


10. Cultural Sensitivity

If the bridesmaid is your sibling, then they will be very much familiar with the traditions and customs of your wedding. If they are your friends, ensure them with all the cultural norms you must strictly follow during the wedding. Ask them to ensure that they follow all of those rules happily.


11. Special Skills Are A Green Flag

It can be great if any of your potential bridesmaids have special skills or talents that could be useful during the wedding planning or the event itself. Skills such as event planning experience, crafting skills, or musical abilities, could enhance your wedding.


Finalize Your Wedding Venue And Bridesmaids Today!

These are some of the necessary points to remember while you select the bridesmaids for the wedding. If you have not selected the venue, we can help you with that. We at 360SiteVisit offer virtual tours of New Jersey wedding venues. This can be a very helpful and time saving step in picking your New Jersey wedding venue. If you have picked your venue, we still encourage you to visit these venues virtually as each was shot right before an event, giving you some ideas on how to decorate your wedding venue!

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