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How to Choose Your Wedding Jewelry

June 11, 2021


How to Choose Your Wedding Jewelry


Like most little girls, you probably dreamed about your wedding day, planned what your wedding dress will look like and how you will live happily ever after with your Prince Charming. Fast forward a couple of decades and you are marrying the love of your life. While your taste in wedding dresses and venues might have changed over the course of time, your desire to look absolutely breathtaking on your special day is still there. And it should be! It is your day to shine and you are probably spending a lot of time perfecting your bridal look. While your wedding dress is very important, the jewelry you wear on the big day will complete your look.


However, choosing wedding jewelry is not an easy task. Will you wear a necklace, a bracelet, or a pair of stunning earrings? Should you opt for modern rose gold or is yellow gold more your style? Would diamonds better suit your dress or should you go with gemstones? Making a final decision is hard. After all, you will be looking at your wedding photos for the rest of your life, and you surely want your jewelry to look perfect. To make the whole decision-making process easier for you, we have compiled a list of useful tips.


Less is more


Wedding Jewelry Crystals


As the great Coco Chanel once said, “you should remove one accessory before you leave your house.” In other words, less is more. Although you can wear a tiara or any sparkly headpiece that your heart desires, it doesn’t mean that you should abuse that opportunity and roll yourself in glitter.


You surely want to look and feel like a princess on your big day.  Take real-life princesses, for example, both Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton went for simple and elegant styles. Likewise, you should also avoid using too many accessories. The first thing your guests and your future husband should notice is how beautiful you are and not your jewelry. One or two pieces will help you look graceful and elegant. Add a third piece, and your grace will fly out the window. Your jewelry should never take the attention away from you, so make sure it blends well with your dress.


Your jewelry should match your dress


When picking jewelry for your wedding day, take a look at the neckline of your dress. If the neckline is high or well decorated with ornaments, then forgo the necklace.  Instead, opt for a pair of drop earrings. With earrings, they go with almost any neckline model.  However, if your dress is already extremely pompous, then wearing studs instead of large, dangle earrings may be a better option. When in doubt, a pair of diamond or pearl earrings are always a safe choice.  They are elegant and classic and never out of style.


Pay attention to your dress’s fabric


Should you go with platinum jewelry, rose gold, or yellow gold? Is silver a better choice? One thing that will make this decision easier is the fabric of your wedding dress. If you will be wearing a white gown, go with platinum or silver jewelry pieces. However, if your dress is more ivory than white, gold pieces will enhance its elegance in the best possible way. Naturally, rose gold matches perfectly with pink hues. In case you have decided to wear a light beige wedding gown, burnished silver will help you sparkle.


Be careful with colors


Wedding Jewelry Gemstones


If you have decided to wear gemstone pieces, keep in mind that you should stick with one color. You don’t want to combine, for example, a ruby necklace and emerald earrings! While gemstone jewelry can add a pop of color to your look and help you shine in the best possible way, it should blend well with your dress. If you go with too many colors, you can look tacky instead of elegant. Feel free to get playful with your gems for an evening out, but not for your wedding day.


Get jewelry pieces you will be able to wear after the wedding


Why should you wear your wedding jewelry only once in your life? If you make the right choices, these pieces could serve you well for years to come. Therefore, find a jewelry gift for yourself you will wear for a long time. Pick something that can be used with other outfits and that never goes out of style.


Be careful with metals


Just as you shouldn’t mix gemstones, you should not combine too many metals. More than two types can disturb the balance of your look. For example, if you wear a white gown, white gold and platinum are all the metals you need to look perfect.


Stay comfortable


How many times in your life have you taken your earrings off in the middle of the night out because your earlobes were hurting? Regardless of how much you love it, don’t wear a bulky and heavy piece of jewelry. Just like uncomfortable heels, uncomfortable jewelry can ruin your special day for you. Don’t let that happen. So, choose lighter necklaces and earrings that won’t weigh you down.


Buy your jewelry from a trusted source


Regardless of whether you wish to wear that jewelry piece for years to come or you want to exchange it in near future, make sure you get it from a reputable jeweler. Ensure that the piece is hallmarked and always ask for a receipt.


Don’t ask everyone for the advice


It is important that the jewelry you choose suits you and your sense of style. You have to fall in love with it, nobody else. If you start asking around for everyone’s advice, you will receive a ton of different opinions which can be overwhelming and make it harder for you to make a decision. Therefore, if you want a second opinion, ask one person who has impeccable taste what they think and that is it.


Do not experiment too much


While you probably haven’t worn a wedding dress ever before and it is hard for you to decide what type of gown is best for you, you surely have some experience when it comes to jewelry. You already know what works for you and what doesn’t, so use that knowledge to create your wedding look. If you have never worn earrings in your life, don’t wear them on your wedding day either. Instead, use pieces you are used to wearing and turn them up a notch. If you love studs, find elegant ones with multiple stones. In case you don’t go anywhere without your bracelet, layer two sparkly bracelets of the same style.


 Keep your sentimental pieces in mind from the beginning


Wedding Jewelry Pearls


Do you want to wear your grandma’s pearls? Or a pair of earrings your mom wore on her wedding day? If you have a sentimental piece of jewelry you know you want on you while you are walking down the aisle, take it with you when you go dress shopping. This way you will be sure that your jewelry and your dress match perfectly.


Prioritize personal style


Fashion trends dictate which wedding gowns and jewelry pieces are in style. If you love the pieces that are in style on your wedding day, great! If not, do not sweat about it. Your dress and your jewelry should reflect your personal style, so follow your heart. After all, trends come and go, but your wedding photos will be there forever.


Do not hesitate to switch things up


The jewelry pieces you wear for your ceremony don’t have to stay on you throughout the whole day. In fact, feel free to wear something different during the reception. If you had a large veil and statement earrings that were not a good option for the ceremony, put them on afterward. Maybe you had to wear a long-sleeve bolero that kept you from rocking your bangles but feels free to put them on when you take your bolero off. Some brides decide to completely change their outfits for the reception, but switching up your jewelry is a more affordable way to get the desired effect.


Think outside the box


Park Savoy Garden


The Park Savoy Estate, NJ - Garden


Are you getting married at a local botanical garden or at the beach? If so, feel free to think outside the box. Traditional jewelry might not be the best choice for a wedding that is everything but traditional, so get creative. If you are getting married in the middle of a flower garden, a long, loose braid with some wildflowers in it might be more in tune with your wedding vibe than perhaps a bun with a tiara.


Planning a wedding can be stressful. Hopefully, 360sitevisit can help provide you with the tools and tips to finding the perfect venue, choosing between a band and a DJ, making seating arrangements, finding the wedding cake, saying yes to the wedding dress, and so many other things. With these tips, at least finding the perfect jewelry pieces for your special day won’t be too much of an undertaking. In the end, it doesn’t matter if you make a mistake. What matters is the love you share with your partner and the future you will get to spend together. 


Do you have other topics you would like us to cover concerning your wedding planning journey? Comment on our social media post at 360sitevisit and let us know, we would love to hear your wishes and provide you with valuable content! 


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