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What To Wear To A Winter Wedding

January 17, 2024


What To Wear To A Winter Wedding


Wedding bells may chime through all four seasons, but winter weddings present a unique fashion challenge for guests. Gone are the breezy sundresses and light linens of summer. Rather, winter demands a sartorial shift that embraces warmth and elegance without sacrificing style. The crisp air, potential snowfall, and festive atmosphere call for a refined approach, one that celebrates the season while ensuring comfort and a touch of understated revelry. 

Forget bare shoulders and miniskirts. Winter weddings beckon for layered textures, rich fabrics, and silhouettes that dance between the practical and the playful. Imagine yourself swirling on the dance floor in a velvet midi skirt paired with a cashmere jumper or toasting the happy couple in a jewel-toned maxi dress adorned with a faux fur stole. The key is to find warmth while expressing your personality and complementing the ambiance. 

As you prepare for a winter wedding, here’s a treasure trove of guest attire tips guaranteed to make you the most effortlessly chic guest. Read on to learn more! 


1.     Stylish Cashmere Scarf


If you’re looking to keep warm, but need to look sleek and stylish for a wedding, then a cashmere scarf is the perfect choice. As the material is really warm, they don’t have to be as thick and bulky as a wool scarf, making them appropriate for formal occasions. We love the range at Italy in Cashmere, as they’re made from 100% authentic cashmere wool.

Female with Cashmere ScarfWhite Cashmere Scarf from Italyincashmere.com

Cashmere is your ideal fabric choice for your winter wedding attire for several reasons, including: 

·      Exceptional warmth: Cashmere fibers provide excellent insulation. Even though they are lightweight, they can retain a considerable amount of heat, making them perfect for keeping warm in cold weather. 

·      Softness and comfort: Cashmere is known for its softness, providing a luxurious feel against the skin. These attributes make it comfortable, especially for those who find other wool types itchy or irritating. 

·      Breathability and moisture wicking: While warm, cashmere is also breathable, which helps maintain a comfortable body temperature. It can wick moisture away from the body, ensuring the wearer doesn’t feel sweaty or damp. 

·      Durability and longevity: When cared for properly, cashmere garments can last a long time without losing their shape or appearance, making them a wise long-term investment for winter wardrobes. 

·      Lightweight: Despite its warmth, cashmere is lighter than many other types of wool, which adds to its comfort and ease of wearing. 

All in all, this material offers a perfect balance of warmth, softness, and breathability, along with its luxurious feel, making it the ideal choice for your winter wedding ensemble. 


2.     Jewel Tones Rule 

Winter’s muted landscapes crave pops of color. In that case, deep emerald greens, sapphire blues, or ruby reds look stunning, especially when paired with rich fabrics like velvet or satin.

For a truly regal look, choose the perfect jewel tone for your attire as a wedding guest. Here are some tips to help you make the best choice to ensure you look elegant and appropriate for the occasion: 

·      Complement your skin tone: Cool skin tones match well with blue or purple bases, like sapphire blue or amethyst purple. Meanwhile, if you have a warm skin tone, opt for jewel tones with yellow or green bases, like emerald green or topaz yellow.   

·      Match with the wedding theme: If the wedding has a specific color scheme or theme, pick a jewel tone that complements it without blending in too much. 

·      Consider the time of day: Softer or lighter jewel tones work well for daytime weddings. Meanwhile, for evening or formal weddings, deeper and more intense jewel tones are often more suitable. 

·      Accessorize wisely: Pair your jewel-toned attire with neutral or metallic accessories to balance the look. Avoid over-accessorizing to let the jewel tone be the focal point of your outfit. 


Ultimately, the best jewel color is one that you feel confident and beautiful in. If you’re drawn to a particular jewel tone, it’s likely a good choice.  


3.     Layer Up Like A Pro 

Layering your outfit as a winter wedding guest is essential for staying warm while looking stylish and appropriate. Here’s a guide on how to layer effectively: 

·      Start with a base layer: Pick a thin, warm base layer that fits snugly, like a silk or thermal top. This layer is about warmth, not fashion, so it should be invisible under your outfit.  

·      Choose an elegant main outfit: Select a winter-appropriate dress or a chic pantsuit. Fabrics like velvet, heavy silk, or brocade are great for winter weddings. You can also go for long sleeves or a higher neckline for added warmth. 

·      Add a sophisticated middle layer (if needed): For additional warmth, consider a stylish, thin sweater or a formal blouse under your outfit, especially if your main outfit is sleeveless or has a low neckline. A tailored blazer or a chic cardigan can also work as a middle layer that adds to the outfit’s elegance. 

·      Finish with the outerwear: Choose a formal coat that complements your outfit. Wool, cashmere, or a faux fur coat can add a luxurious touch. Ensure the coat is long enough to cover your main outfit, ideally knee-length or longer. 

·      Consider color coordination: Your layers should coordinate well in color and style. Go for a cohesive color palette for a polished look. 


While layering for warmth is important, ensure your outfit doesn’t become bulky. Aim for sleek, form-fitting layers that provide insulation without adding too much volume. You also want to maintain a sense of elegance and formality suitable for a wedding. Furthermore, be prepared to shed some layers indoors, so ensure your base outfit is still wedding-appropriate. 

4.     Accessorize Smartly 

Scarves, shawls, or wraps add warmth and style as accessories. Choose one that complements your outfit and can be easily removed. Depending on the need, you can also wear elegant gloves and a hat if the wedding involves outdoor components


5.     Pick Warm Footwear And Tights 

For a winter wedding, you can go for warm footwear options and give your favorite pair of stilettos a break. You can wear closed-toe shoes, like stylish boots or closed-toe heels. You can also consider insulated or thermal-lined footwear for extra warmth. Meanwhile, thick tights or pantyhose can add warmth without compromising style. 


6.     Don’t Shy Away From Sleeves 

Long sleeves can be your winter wedding best friend! Choose delicate lace overlays, playful puff sleeves, or classic fitted styles to add dimension and warmth. 


7.     The Cozy Clutch 

Instead of your go-to dainty evening bags, consider opting for a statement clutch in plush velvet or embellished leather for practical chic. 


8.     Headwear Adds Whimsy 

Top off your outfit with a playful beret, a classic fedora, or a chic headband. This unexpected touch can add personality to your ensemble and keep you cozy. 

Besides these tips, the most beautiful adornment you could add to your wedding attire is a festive spirit! For instance, incorporating metallic shades, snowflake motifs, or subtle winter prints can help you subtly celebrate the season without overshadowing the occasion. 


Wrapping Up 

Winter weddings provide a unique opportunity to showcase your fashion flair while staying warm and comfortable. By embracing rich textures, layering wisely, and incorporating seasonal touches, you’ll be the epitome of winter wedding chic.

So, step out with confidence and let your style reflect the joy of the occasion while you dance the night away in warmth in the winter wedding wonderland.





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