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How to Plan Your Entire Wedding Online

July 01, 2020





Whether you have a busy schedule and don’t have the luxury to go around town meeting vendors and looking at wedding venues or you’re in the middle of a pandemic and can’t go anywhere, the wedding jitters are likely to set in. How on earth will you try wedding cakes, look at catering menus, find your fantasy venue?



If you’re a couple trying to plan a wedding without actually going out to meet with vendors, you might just be saving yourself a lot of time and hassle. With the right online platform, you can take care of all the planning from the comfort of your own home, and by the time it’s safe to step outside, you’ll be ready to celebrate at your special event!



Read on as we look at how you can tick off everything of your wedding list while being seated at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee.



Planning a Wedding Digitally




From here on, we’re going to cover an entire checklist of wedding essentials and how you can take care of them through your laptop and a solid Wi-Fi connection:



Create a Vision Board

Before you go around looking for vendors and signing any contracts, you need to know exactly what kind of wedding you want. Head on to your favorite wedding accounts on social media and Pinterest to find your wedding inspirations.

Wedding Makeup





If you’re planning a small affair and want to do your own makeup, you can sign up for online makeup classes via Zoom and pick up some skills on how to get the perfect smoky eye or winged liner and more. If you want your makeup done professionally, then you can scroll through the websites and social media pages of the top hair and makeup artists in your area. Find one that has recreated the look you want on another client and chat with them on the phone to see if they’re up for the job.



Invitations, Wedding Favors & More



Planning a wedding is no small task, but if you don’t have any guests there, you don’t have an event. Through online vendors, you can look at wedding card templates and pick your favorites. The vendor may be able to send some copies of your preferred designs so that you can see how they look in-hand.



You can do the same with save-the-date cards, wedding favors, and any other small additions that will help make your wedding perfect and unique.



Note: If you’re living in the middle of a pandemic and you’ve had to change the date of your wedding, it’s important to let your guest know about this change – look for change the date cards and send them out digitally or through the mail to make sure your guests will still be ready to celebrate with you in better times.



Wedding Venues



Finding a wedding venue is one of those mammoth tasks that leaves both the bride and groom second-guessing their decision. They have to decide between indoor and outdoor venues, large or small events, classic or contemporary weddings, the season and the date of the wedding, and more.



Fortunately, you can tour wedding venues conveniently through 360SiteVisit. If you’re planning a wedding in the New Jersey area, head on to our website and tour the best wedding locations like Crystal Springs Resort and The Rockleigh to find the venue of your dreams. Make sure that the place you select fits in with the vision board and that you’ll be able to have the décor your way to fit the theme of your wedding.



After looking through a couple of venues, select your favorites and see if they’re available on your preferred dates before making the final decision and signing a contract. Once the venue has been locked, you can breathe a sigh of relief.



The Food





Many wedding guests love coming to these events because of the delicious food they’ll be expecting, and of course, the bride wants a gorgeous tiered cake to cut into as well. Find wedding vendors online and reach out to them to get an idea of the type of menus they have. If you already know the type of cuisine and dishes you want at your event, this process will already be easier for you. Some wedding caterers may even be able to provide samples of the food delivered to you so that you can have a taste of the type of meals they prep.



Wedding cake makers may provide the same option of providing cake samples at home so that you can choose the cake and frosting flavors. For the look, again, you can turn to Pinterest or other websites to find the perfect wedding cake and send a picture to your caterer. You can even ask for modifications or completely unique designs to get a one-of-a-kind cake.



The Registry



With a number of the best store for your wedding registry being present online, you can complete your registration online. This includes common favorites like Macy’s and Bed, Bath & Beyond.



Use an Online Wedding Planner



Many websites offer the option of using a digital wedding planner to make sure that you stick to your budget and that you don’t miss out on any important details about your big day. You may even have the option to set date alerts for when you need to confirm bookings, check up on vendors, and finalize wedding purchases.



You Can Plan a Dream Wedding Online



If you’re too busy with work or you’re stuck in quarantine, don’t feel upset, your wedding can still be one of the most special days in your life. Through 360SiteVisit, you can select pretty much everything online such as:


The sooner you get started, the more time you’ll have for virtual tours and sample packages that will arrive at your doorstep. Sit down with your partner, and together, you can design an event that will be the perfect start for your new life together and help you create lasting memories to look back at over the years.

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