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47 Loving Ways to HONOR Military HEROES AT YOUR WEDDING DAY!

May 27, 2019


Their sacrifice should be noted!


On this special day, our thoughts are with the loved ones who could not be with us.


“On this special day, our thoughts are with the loved ones who could not be with us.”


“We feel your presence in our hearts.”


HONOR Military HEROES AT YOUR WEDDING DAY & EVERY DAY!  Your wedding is a joyous occasion! It’s a time to celebrate your love surrounded by family and friends.  During this happy occasion, take a moment to pause and consider the sacrifice of our military men and women.  Perhaps you know of military personnel, a sibling, grandparent, parent, other relatives, friends or even the bride/groom themselves. If you have a hero in your family, consider honoring their sacrifice in a special way on your wedding day. Remembering our heroes certainly puts things into perspective.


Forever in our thoughts, you have never gone away
Photo Credit: Loving Life Photography


“Forever in our thoughts, you have never gone away”


“We wish you could be here to share our special day”


Memorial, Independence, & Veterans days are all about remembering those who have served our country. All the great sacrifices that so many men & women make for our freedom deserve celebration every day and not just a few days out of the year.  We should proudly honor them whenever possible, especially in our special events.


The United States Air Force Academy Cadet Chapel, completed in 1962, Colorado

The United States Air Force Academy Cadet Chapel, completed in 1962, Colorado


To all our brides and grooms who have, are, or will be serving our country, we thank you for your service.  We know you are proud of your military background and it should be honored on your big day.  There are so many ways to celebrate your love and honor the title you or your military bride or groom has worked so hard to earn.  After all, this is an important part of your lives, so why wouldn't you want to highlight it in your wedding?


47 Loving Ways to HONOR Military HEROES AT YOUR WEDDING DAY!


  1. Include your formal title, in the invitation, or your vows….
  2. Make the first cut into their wedding cake using a special sword.
  3. safe passage into your life by exiting through an arch of sabers or swords
  4. Tie the knot at a military wedding venue. 
  5. Wear your military branch dress uniform.
  6. Use American Flag as part of your decoration


American flag with wedding bands


Perhaps, you as a bride or groom may not be in the military but know that special someone who is at your event, whether they are serving now, or served in the past.  It is always nice to honor them at your wedding, let them know you care, and you will keep them close to your heart. If they have recently returned from deployment, be sure to celebrate their wellbeing.


47 Loving Ways to HONOR Military HEROES AT YOUR WEDDING DAY!
Photo Credit: Jenny Quicks all Photography.


May be difficult to celebrate your big day without that special person in your life.  They could be deployed, away on assignment and unable to attend.  Our loved ones aren’t always able to be there with us to celebrate life’s milestones. Fortunately, there are many ways you can acknowledge these special people on your wedding day.



“Your presence is in our hearts as we say ‘I Do’”


“We proudly say our vows in loving memory of you”



Your wedding day is a celebration with loved ones, perhaps you want to include those who have passed away.  There are so many ways to honor their memory and show appreciation. Always remember if they cannot be with you in person, certainly they are there in spirit.  Those we love don’t go away, they walk beside us, they are in our thoughts, always in our hearts and never forgotten. 



No matter how you choose to remember loved ones at your wedding, doing so is a sweet way to cherish their memory and make them a part of your day.  Take a look at a few ideas for recognizing these special people:


47 Loving Ways to HONOR Military HEROES AT YOUR WEDDING DAY!


  1. A simple photo collage placed at your event
  2. A White rose added to your bouquet
  3. Acknowledge them during the reception speeches
  4. Add "In Loving Memory Of" on your program
  5. A white rose in groom’s boutonniere
  6. Add photos of loved ones who can’t be there to your ceremony aisle
  7. Ask your officiant to mention him/her during the ceremony.
  8. Attach a locket to the groom’s boutonniere
  9. Carry or wear a memento like jewelry they have given you
  10. Consider flying an American Flag, maybe a small flag placed on tables
  11. Donate to their favorite charity
  12. Frame a favorite picture of their wedding day or a special event
  13. Give away favors in their honor, including a sign to explain
  14. Have a moment of silence before carrying on with the celebrations
  15. someone may tell a favorite story about them
  16. Have a special dance
  17. How about a picture of them on your register table
  18. Include a special family recipe on your menu to honor a loved one
  19. Add their favorite drink on your bar menu
  20. Include their favorite flowers, and make a note about why is chosen
  21. Incorporate a favorite food or activity of theirs into your day.
  22. Incorporate their favorite flower into your centerpiece
  23. Let their light shine over with a rustic lantern
  24. Light up the sky with beautiful, bright lanterns
  25. Lighting memorial candles for family members who are fallen, heroes
  26. Make a donation to a charity that your loved one supported
  27. Pin their photos to your bouquet. 
  28. Place a flower arrangement in their honor
  29. Raise a glass and make a toast
  30. Read a letter he/she sent to you
  31. Reserving a chair in their honor, perhaps decorate it with a yellow ribbon or flower and their name
  32. Select his/her favorite song to be sung at the ceremony or reception.
  33. Set up a memory table & keep framed photos of who have passed away
  34. Share a loved one’s memory with a personalized photo cufflink set
  35. shoe charms are a great way to keep someone close to you as you walk down the aisle.
  36. Something old or blue could be a cut of loved one clothing
  37. Take a moment to share what they mean to you and how much they’re missed.
  38. Toast with their favorite wine
  39. Visit the grave after the ceremony and leave your bouquet
  40. Carrying the dog tag of a deceased loved one honors their memory and service.
  41. Wear their tie or cufflinks to remember


Never forget their services
Show your appreciation for their service


To all our military members, our sincerest thanks for your service.


Military wedding cake
Military Wedding Cake


To our service brides and grooms, thank you for your sacrifice.



How do you plan on honoring loved ones at your wedding?


Leave a comment and let us know!

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