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  Fred Marcus Photography became a dream of a young man immigrating to the United States from Germany during WWII.  After leaving Germany, Fred Marcus arrived in Cuba and because of red tape had to make it his home for almost two years.  To make a living and support himself, Fred took photographs of other immigrants and their families on the beaches of Cuba.  He developed them in his bathtub at night, making his bathroom a makeshift darkroom.  Most of Fred’s photographic knowledge was self-taught and he was considered a brilliant portrait photographer. After arriving in the United States, Fred decided to set up shop in New York City.  The studio is still in the same location that it was 70 + years ago, only much larger.  New York was his choice because his clients from the Cuban beaches were all coming there.  He followed, and they remembered. They used him for their family portraits and soon he was photographing their family events. Today, people from around the world call to use our services, and they can always count on the highest standards of quality and uncompromising customer service

Andy Marcus

I have been in the business of photographing weddings for over 40 years. I've steadily built up my studio’s reputation as the photographers to use in the New York area, as well as internationally.As the president of Fred Marcus Studio, I've established a clientele comprised of the most prominent families and business leaders in the country. Their strong loyalty, that spans generations, is derived from an ethic of non-compromising quality and customized service. My company has built a reputation for quality that has brought the highest end clients in the New York area to our door. I combine the best of great posed photography and very exciting photojournalism to give my clients the most unique, thorough wedding coverage in the country today. While quality should remain consistent, no two wedding albums should ever look exactly the same. To this end, I have kept my staff small and accepted only weddings that I can handle with my own photographic “family”.My son, Brian, is now the third generation in the business and creating a strong name for himself.I have photographed the weddings of Eddie Murphy, Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump. Kelsey Grammer, Mary Tyler Moore, Princess Yasmin Aga Khan, Billy Baldwin and Chynna Phillips, as well as the daughter and granddaughter of Mario Cuomo, former Governor of New York State.

Brian Marcus

A wise man once said: “Find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”. For me, photography is more than a career; it is a vital part of who I am. I was introduced to the art of photography at a very early age. My late Grandfather, Fred Marcus, and my Father, Andy Marcus are both highly celebrated photographers who instilled in me a great passion and wisdom for the craft. I photograph more than 50 weddings a year, capturing every stage of the celebration, from the excitement of getting ready, to the anticipation of the first look, and of course the ceremony, the party and everything in between. I love the discovery of small moments and simple gestures, which are often overlooked in the excitement of a big day. Fine details, like the tear in a father's eye or a grandparent's loving glance, are rare gems which should be honored and preserved in the best possible light.Whether the day brings a high-profile wedding, an intimate family gathering, or a young boy's Bar Mitzvah, I regard every new event as the most important I have ever done. I've photographed celebrity weddings like Lebron James & Savannah Brinson, Ivanka Trump & Jared Kushner, as well as Eddie Murphy, Kelsey Grammar and Mike Tyson, to name a few. Besides my wedding work, I have been working on a personal project to preserve the memory of the last remaining Holocaust survivors in the New York, New Jersey area and plan on publishing a book in 2014.My camera and I have been all over the globe from Malawi to Brazil, South Africa, Japan, Italy, France and the Caribbean Islands. My passion for photography doesn't keep me solely behind the lens. I have also created a tool for professional image-makers, the GL-1 hot light (www.gl1hotlight.com). The most important aspect of my job is to learn as much as I can about your style and vision so that I can create the perfect environment to bring your dream to life. Your event, your wedding day, your portrait session- whatever your moment is becomes your chance to shine. My responsibility is to make that happen seamlessly and effortlessly with photos and memories to last a lifetime. I’m looking forward to meeting you and hearing all about the exciting things happening in your life.

Felix Feygin

Residing in Brooklyn, New York and originally from Russia, Felix has always had the desire to photograph people in their happiest moments. When Felix was twelve years old, he began assisting local photographers and five years later, he placed a camera in his own hands. At age twenty, he joined Fred Marcus Studio. With experience photographing over 800 weddings, Felix's method of incorporating his surroundings including street graphics, advertisements, interior elements and even bystanders demonstrates storytelling through photographs. Numerous publications including Rangefinder, Wedding Sites and Services, Sophisticated Weddings, and OUT.com have embraced Felix's unique vision.

Juan Cespedes

Even at a young age, Juan always knew he had a passion for photography. When his family moved from Colombia, Juan was only four years old. Growing up in Northern New Jersey, Juan started to pursue his passion for photography in High School and continued to at County College of Morris. After interning for Fred Marcus Studio for five months, he became a full time employee doing the postproduction editing and shooting. Working his way to the top, Juan built a great relationship with FM’s clients. Without any doubt, Juan will get you through your event with ease and provide amazing results.

Anton Martynov

Originally from Siberia, Anton fell in love with New York City after his first visit and made it his goal to return and fulfill his creative ambitions! Today, Anton is a commercial photographer specializing in wedding and sports photography, as well as a professional dancer. Anton is (literally) quick on his feet and loves the excitement and energy of capturing special events! Combining his two talents, he consistently brings fresh ideas to the table, while executing them beautifully. Anton has photographed events at some of NYC's premiere venues, such as The Waldorf Astoria, The Pierre and The Plaza Hotel. Anton is a perfect addition to our continuously growing studio.

Leslie Farinacci

Prior to moving to New York City, Leslie had built an extensive portfolio of Wedding & Portrait photography in Cleveland, Ohio. Nature was her first ‘subject’, as she loved hiking with her camera, observing and playing creatively with details, composition and light. In college she explored portraiture, and found joy in making a genuine connection with people, and in return producing a genuine portrait. Weddings are as personal as it gets – and with hundreds of weddings now under her belt, she continues to produce work that is artistic, intimate, honest, and strong in detail.In search of an innovative team to grow with, she connected with Fred Marcus Studio. Her talent and experience in the industry has made her a great addition to our team of photographers, as well as to our studio staff. She’ll love to connect with you in working to create your profile or a record of your special day.

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