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How to Find Your Perfect Wedding Team of Wedding Vendors

April 30, 2021


How to Find Your Perfect Wedding Team of Wedding Vendors



Did you know that couples hire, on average, fourteen wedding vendors as their wedding team for their big day?



This means that these vendors are responsible for turning your dreams and hopes into a reality. Moreover, they have the power to either make or break the most special day of your life (no pressure, right?). This is why you need to find and hire the best in the business to ensure your wedding festivities unravel according to your wishes.  



360SiteVisit recommends you find wedding vendors who are excited to work for you and with you. But, this doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. Finding the right wedding vendor can at first feel a bit daunting, but that’s what we are here for.



To help you have the wedding of your dreams, here are a few simple ways to find your wedding team of the best wedding vendors.



The Search Phase



Understand What You Need and When



One of the biggest mistakes that couples often make is that they begin searching for wedding vendors without figuring out the essentials.



To find the right wedding vendor, it is critical that you first have some basic yet important information related to your weddings, such as the wedding date, budget, and wedding venue.



Moreover, before you move ahead, you will need to know if a particular wedding vendor is available on your wedding date.  In case they are not, it is a deal-breaker. Additionally, figure out if their pricing fits your budget or if they can travel to the wedding venue. These are just a few of the many essential details that you must firmly set before you begin reaching out to each wedding vendor.



Attend Bridal Shows



Attending bridal shows is one of the best things you can do when you’re in search of vendors for your big day. Instead of making endless follow-up calls and browsing through a myriad of reviews, you can meet numerous wedding experts under one roof in a single day! Bridal shows and expos give couples the opportunity to have face-to-face interactions in a non-committal way. 



Check out 360sitevisit Event Calendar for upcoming Bridal Shows and Bridal Expos.



Go Through Online Reviews



No matter what means you use to search and learn about wedding vendors, it is always best to cross-reference with real couple reviews online. Online reviews often provide valuable insights that you may perhaps not receive from looking at a wedding vendor's social media profile, website, or wedding expo stall. Additionally, do not focus only on the positive reviews, but take note of how a wedding vendor responds to bad ones. Moreover, keep in mind that a vendor does not need to have only five-star reviews to be a perfect fit for your wedding.



You can look at 360SiteVisit’s incredible list of New Jersey wedding vendors who can make your wedding vision see the light of day!



wedding vendor online reviews



Shortlist for Your Own Sanity



You may have a list of a dozen amazing wedding vendors. However, to preserve your own sanity, we advise keeping the list short and manageable. We recommend a list of four to five vendors in every category (caterers, wedding cake designers, photographers, florists, etc.). If things don’t work out as planned with your initial picks, you can always reach out to more.



The Hiring Phase



Reaching Out and Getting the Right Information



During the hiring phase, there are three crucial pieces of information that you must figure out before moving ahead:



  • Ask if the vendor is available on your wedding date
  • Ask if the vendor is willing to travel to your location
  • Learn if their package pricing is within the wedding budget
  • Or any other crucial consideration that you may have



Professional wedding vendors usually get back to interested clients in a timely fashion, typically within one to two business days. If they don’t, they usually would provide a reason supporting their unavailability (travel, vacation, etc.). In any case, if you hear back from them and are happy with their answers (available on the wedding date, within the wedding budget, etc.), the next step is to schedule an in-person meeting.



If you are looking for wedding vendors in New Jersey, do not look far – 360SiteVisit provides you with an array of wedding vendors: wedding caterers, wedding florists, wedding photographers, wedding planners, etc. that you can review and select to suit all your wedding needs.



Ask All Your Questions



The first face-to-face meeting with a wedding vendor is extremely important. Not only should the wedding vendors be creative, professional, and talented, but they should be someone you can trust and like. Though a physical meeting is preferred, a Zoom meeting is an excellent alternative to save travel time.



We recommend you prepare a list of potential questions that you like answered and raise any concerns.  Keep in mind that you are spending a ton of money, and it is vital that you are confident and comfortable with your final decision.



If you are apprehensive about the wedding vendor’s charges, now is the perfect time to bring it to light. If the wedding package exceeds your budget, you can politely tell them and see how to make it work for both of you. After all, what’s the worst that can happen? They’ll say no. But it is always best to ask and discuss budgets up front instead of bringing them up when a contract is drawn.



Carefully Read the Contract



Once you have chosen the wedding vendor you would like to book for the big day, it is time to draw up and sign a contract. But before you sign it, ensure you thoroughly and carefully read and understand the contract.  Have someone review it if you need to.  If you are concerned or confused about any particular contract clause (especially regarding payment plans or additional charges), be sure to discuss and clarify. Remember, you must be a hundred percent happy and content with the contract before signing it.



Wedding Vendor Contract



Ask About Next Steps



Signing the contract officially marks the commencement of your working relationship with a wedding vendor. Even if your nuptial is weeks, months, or even years away, be sure to ask all wedding vendors about the next steps. For instance, ask when you two should meet again, whether it is for an engagement shoot, a planning session, or a tasting.  Additionally, find out what’s the best means of communication, ie phone, email, text, etc.  



Stay in Touch



If you have been interacting with a vendor and feel the need to unbook them for the wedding for whatever reason, please do not ghost your wedding vendor. Please do not ignore their calls or avoid any interactions. They may be working hard to reserve a date for you while declining other clients.  It is only fair to them that you inform them of your decision promptly and politely.



Remember, your big day will unravel smoothly if your wedding team of wedding vendors works in harmony.



360SiteVisit is a one-stop shop that helps you find and hire the best wedding vendors in New Jersey.



For more wedding planning tips and tricks, head to our blog section! Also, check out our wedding venue virtual tour and know the venue before you go.


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