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How to Plan Magical Christmas Wedding

November 08, 2019


A wedding held during a festive euphoria carries with it an extra dose of magic. If you want your wedding to be a celebration of the Christmas atmosphere, this theme is a perfect choice! Because this is one of the major holidays there are a few things you shouldn’t forget like unique Christmas gifts for your loved ones and a little bit of Christmas carol music. To help you in this euphoria, we prepared 7 tips on how to plan everything you need for a Christmas wedding.






Music is one of the essential things when you are making a wedding; we all love a good atmosphere. A But a Christmas wedding cannot go by without Christmas carols. Make sure the band or DJ you choose includes some Christmas classics in your setlist, whatever you like the most! Of course, you don't want carols to play the whole wedding, but a dozen songs can't hurt the atmosphere.


All I want for Christmas is you - Wedding song


Wedding attire


A wedding dress is something that you can easily match this theme. Choose a wedding dress that, with its pure white color, is reminiscent of snow. With a glittering element on the corset, your dress will look like it is magically made. Red shoes will give you an impression of glamor. As for the bridesmaids, choose classic red dresses for them. The contrast of their reds and your white wedding dresses will create the true Christmas atmosphere you dream of!


Christmas-Festival-Red-Winter-Wedding-Ideas for a NJ winter Wedding


Bridal bouquet and flower decorations


White flowers will look great in any combination, especially in this snowy atmosphere. For the tables, choose arrangements with Christmas trees, or quite small, live trees. Ask florists to follow your Christmas theme as well. For example, they can add some powder snow to the arrangements, which will then further highlight the white tablecloths and your white dress.


Flower arrangements in winter are usually decorated with red and white combinations of roses, lilies, and orchids. Bridal bouquet can be particularly effective in shades of gray, silver and green with pine, eucalyptus or pomegranate branches. Let your imagination run wild and play with colors and patterns!


Bridal bouquet Poinsettias wedding flowers


Wedding cake and Dessert table


No less important is the interestingly designed dessert table. The list of delicacies includes candied fruit, candied apples, hot chocolate as well as cooked wine. Incorporate traditional Christmas cooking into your wedding. Cakes and desserts are another part of your wedding that you can customize for Christmas! Arrange with the pastry chefs to make a cake with Christmas decorations, and don’t forget a gingerbread house. You can always decorate your cake with cinnamon and berries.


Dessert-Table-Christmas and wedding cake


Christmas theme


At this time of year, you can express your imagination and decorate the space with pine twigs, fresh green wreaths, balloons and festive lights that create a warm atmosphere. Taking your wedding photographs during the Christmas holidays will be much easier, as the whole city is now adorned with lights.


Gold and red details will fit perfectly with your theme. It would be wonderful and extremely romantic if every table was full of gorgeous candles. Is there a more festive atmosphere than that? Just be careful, if you have a special table for children, it may be better to keep candles away from it. Don't forget to add some sequins and confetti to your invitations, purely for the guests to know in advance what to expect!


Elegant Christmas holiday wedding decoration


Gifts for your guests


Of course, one big Christmas tree somewhere in the hall is a must! Especially if you use it as a place to keep holiday gifts you will give to your loved ones and your guests. Decorate the tree with personalized ornaments that have the date of your wedding and your names on them. As guests leave your party, they can take the ornaments as a little memento of your Christmas wedding.


christmas gift for wedding party


Holiday travel plans


The holiday period is ideal for travel. So why not turn your Christmas trip into a honeymoon? These few days off can be a great use for a trip abroad. Or you can decide to get to know your country better by going somewhere you've never been to.


NJ Wedding Venue for your Winter Wonderland Wedding


You can surely have a cozy and elegant Christmas Wedding right here in New Jersey. A gorgeous outdoor winter wonderland and a cozy & stylish indoor space. One of many amazing venues in New Jersey, The Estate at Florentine Gardens, devoted to making your special day everything you dreamed it would be…and much more. The warmth, comfort, and historic charm combine to set a magnificent and decidedly memorable backdrop even in the coldest day of the year.




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